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Bingo - Not Just For Old Ladies Anymore

Yes, we are well aware of the cliches that the game of bingo has carried with it through the years, as the image of a bunch of retirees sitting in a musty hall or an Elks lodge dances through our heads.

But, if you pardon the expression, that's your grandmother's bingo.

When we're talking about online bingo, we are talking about bingo for everybody. Like many other things related to gaming, it is skewing younger, and it would seem to be a more natural fit for the younger demographic now than it ever has. With the fact that it is played in the home, that might make a lot of sense. And with the chat capabilities that are available, it becomes an interesting social event, without a whole lot of effort needed on the part of the participants.

But young or old, you still have to be paying attention. And gaming observers have been paying attention to the fact that the game of bingo has been reaching a much wider audience, and undergoing an image enhancement, though not necessarily an overhaul.

You have to keep in mind that even though the essence of bingo itself retains a lot of the characteristics that have made it big through the years, the generation that has patronized it on a consistent basis is not necessarily all that computer-savvy. So it almost has to draw from other groups to make it thrive. And anybody you talk to about online bingo will assure you that it is indeed thriving.

And it is not just for nickel and dime players either. There is some serious money being thrown around at times. You don't have to feel stunted if you want to play at a "high-roller" level, because that can be accommodated.

Indeed, the possibilities are very far-reaching.