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Online Poker - Do the Math

Once upon a time, the guys who constituted the high-level pros in poker operated primarily on instinct to move their way through one pot after another. This was more of a swashbuckling era, and guys flew by the seat of their pants. There was a lot of emphasis on knowing the opponents and his/her "tells," that is, physical movement and idiosyncrasies that tipped them off as to what the opponents had and what they were going to do.

Times have changed - a little. Sure, reading tells is still a big part of the game, but it applies more in the physical casino setting. And when playing online poker, it is quite obviously much more difficult to do. Around the late 1970's, a new breed of player started to enter the game, concentrating on the principle that mathematics has a lot to do with who is going to win poker hands. Certainly that is the kind of thing that makes sense; after all, with each card that is taken from the deck, it changes the odds that certain things will happen and certain hands will be achieved. The more studious players began to make their mark on the tournament scene, and of course, that trend was irreversible, because the math doesn't lie.

In Texas Hold 'em, you're holding two cards in the "hole," and there are cards exposed in the flop, and you are going to need to make some quick calculations as to what the chances of improving your fate are.

Being able to evaluate your hand in relation to what's out there is something that is essential to playing a winning game of online poker. And if you are just getting started in this game, it is something that you want to start studying. It doesn't happen overnight, but you'll do much better if you are a player who is well-informed form this point of view, and get a certain advantage over players who are much more "recreational" in their approach.