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Online Poker - Get Over the Psychological Barriers

You are human, just like everybody else. And you are sometimes going to do things that are based on your mood at any given time. But you have to be careful in the game of online poker, because this is what could lead to mistakes, and mistakes lead to losses.

It is a simple fact that you are going to suffer "bad beats," which are losses on hands and in situations where clearly you should have won. Bad beats are so prevalent, and so bothersome, that some poker rooms actually offer "bad beat bonuses" or "bad beat jackpots" so it won't hurt so bad. But for the moment, it WILL hurt, and you have to be careful that it doesn't affect your play on subsequent hands.

If your blood is boiling over that win that got away from you, it might be well-advised for you to go somewhere and calm yourself down. Get your head together, and come out with a difference in attitude. That is entirely possible to do when you are playing online poker, and in fact it is relatively easy.

Don't "chase" a bad play by betting extra just for the sake of itself, or altering your playing style on the next hand. Then you are letting the game get the best of you, instead of getting the best out of your game.

And please don't let yourself get caught in the pattern of playing bad cards time after time. It's difficult enough to win with good cards. Some beginning players in online poker think they are going to bluff their way through hands, but that is hard unless you have a lot of experience, and even harder if you are online and not picking up on the mannerisms of the other players. Don't be foolish; generally speaking, if you've got nowhere to go with the cards you have, fold 'em up and wait for an opportunity on the next hand!