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Poker and Television - A Dynamic Combination

There is a strong possibility that one of the reasons you're taking up poker, or getting a little more serious about it, has to do with the fact that you have seen a lot of it on television. Let's face it, the exposure helps, and while the World Series of Poker got some TV time in its early days, it really wasn't until the World Poker Tour gathered up some steam that the game really entered the mainstream as far as its status as a sport, not to mention a pastime.

The producers of the World Poker Tour, who broke their product out on the Travel Channel in the United States, did great work in their coverage, using up to 17 cameras to cover the table.  Most of the effectiveness of the telecasts, naturally, can be attributed to the presence of the "lipstick camera," which was able to show audiences what the players were actually holding in their hands. That allowed people to follow along with the game much easier.

At the same time, poker rooms on the Internet began to explode, and there was simply no turning back. There isn't any corner of the world where poker is not played, and there are tournaments that cover every variation of the game, not just Texas Hold 'em (the preferred game you see on TV).

The television coverage made stars out of the top players, who in turn endorsed various online poker rooms. Now there are more tours that have emerged, some of them with TV exposure as well, and with online companion websites.

If you are just starting out in online poker, you should watch the telecasts for their instructional value. Pay attention to the way various hands are played, relative to what the correct mathematical move is. And take notice of rules and procedures, so that you minimize your chances of making mistakes at the tables, whether they are virtual or otherwise.