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Software Makes a Casino Sing

One of the things that may really differentiate one online casino from another is the software that powers its games. Great software makes for great games, which can in turn make for a great experience, and you need to know which software is behind which casino.

That's not very hard to find, once you know where to look. Some casinos may have information about it on the "About Us" page, but you can always look down at the bottom of the front page and see the software company's logo.

The software being used generally governs where a casino draws customers from. For example, Realtime Gaming (otherwise known as RGT) software enables its clients to accept players from the United States, while Microgaming software does not. So any U.S.-facing casino is going to be using either RGT or software from another company that deals with the United States.

Some software companies have more games than others; in some cases much more, and that is something that may ultimately impact which online casino you decide to sign up with. If you want a very big selection, for instance, you might prefer Microgaming (with over 600 total games) over another company that could have one-quarter that amount.

There is also the decision as to whether you actually want to download the casino software. A lot of people don't like to do this, and so almost all of the online casino software companies present some of their games in a no-download form, which can be played right through the browser. The quality and selection differ from company to company, however.

Software has an impact on other factors of your experience, including safety and security, customer help and player options. If you want the bells and whistles, some software will probably work better for you than others. It all depends on what your personal taste is!